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43,64 EUR*
Details Political-Game-Theory-An-Introduction

Political Game Theory, first published in 2007, is a self-contained introduction to game theory and its applications to political science. The book presents choice theory, social choice theory, static and dynamic games of complete information, static ...

127,51 EUR*
Details Collective-Decision-Making-Views-from-Social-Choice-and-Game-Theory-Theory-and-Decision-Library-C-Band-43

Harrie de Swart is a Dutch logician and mathematician with a great and open int- est in applications of logic. After being confronted with Arrow's Theorem, Harrie became very interested in social choice theory. In 1986 he took the initiative to start ...

21,70 EUR*
Details Rivers-Roads-Rails-Game

1-8 players;Playing time: 30 minutes;Parent's Choice Gold Award;Contents: 140 tiles, instructions

17,95 EUR*
Details London-IQ-The-Trivia-Game-for-Londoners-Iq-Games

This one-of-a-kind game presents multiple choice trivia questions about London's historic nooks and crannies, beloved pastimes, hotspots and highlights only true Londoners would know. Correct answers are awarded IQ points and the team with the highest ...

21,81 EUR*
Details Trivial-Pursuit-Family-Edition-Board-Game-by-Hasbro

Separate cards for kids and adults feature specially designed questions, Redesigned board for quicker play, Mix of question styles, including multiple choice and true/false, For 2 to 8 players (Aged 8+)

17,99 EUR*
Details Hape-E6313-Spiel

Use the transparent image overlays to complete the game board pictures. Learning goals- Visual (which parts are missing?)- Experimentation (complete the drawing)- Words (expressing the choices made) Contents- 3 game boards- 24 transparent cards How to ...

23,89 EUR*
Details Deus-Ex-Human-Revolution-Classics-Microsoft-XBox-360-Game-UK-PAL-UK-Import

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the return to one of the most critically-acclaimed video game franchises of all time, telling the story of Adam Jensen, a man cybernetically augmented against his choice who finds himself in the middle of a global ...

11,73 EUR*
Details Mattel-Y2552-Lauf-Schweinchen-lauf-Strategiespiel-fr-Kinder

The outrageous pig-stackin' wolf-dodgin' board game;Every game is a new adventure as the piggies race for the finish;Slow down your opponent by shooting the tractor's hay bales and sending your opponent back to his mudpit;Strategy and making choices ...

26,85 EUR*
Details Granna-CV-Brettspiele

"CV" means curriculum vitae your resume and in the dice and card game CV you will lead a character through his entire life, making many choices about friends, relations, jobs and activities.Gameplay is built around the Yahtzee-style dice rolling and ...

14,28 EUR*
Details Unbekannt-Iello-51261-Nyet-Brettspiel-Englisch

In each opening round of the trick-taking card game Nyet!, players take turns crossing out possible choices for starting player, trump, super trump, the number of cards you discard, and the value of tricks taken on a grid, leaving only one option in ...

9,58 EUR*
Details All-In-One-Piano-Lessons-Book-B-Book-with-Audio-and-MIDI-Access-Included-With-CD-Audio-Hal-Leonard-Student-Piano-Library-Songbooks

All-In-One Piano Lessons Book B combines selected pages from the Piano Lessons, Technique, Solos, Theory Workbook, and Practice Games into one easy-to-manage book. A perfect choice for beginning group or privateinstruction, this book/CD offers ...